At RSMT efforts are made to inculcate the aptitude and desire to succeed in society as professionals and also become responsible citizens of India and the world. The values of social responsibility that the students thereby acquire are:

Genuine respect for others and alternate points of view.

  • Ability to be sensitive and balance profits to include contributions for social investment.
  • Strong personal integrity while making work plans to incorporate consideration for those who lives will be touched.
  • Clarity, ability and equipoise to handle challenging situations and formulate workable solutions.
  • Ability to bond with other students as members of teams that work together and achieve results.
  • Understanding importance of focus on goals, keeping egotistic frictions in perspective.

At RSMT good values and good education go hand in hand. It is part of RSMT tradition to take care of the environment that sustains our lives and work. An example of this is the commendable work done by students in cleaning Ganga ghats. About 100 students of RSMT volunteered for Ganga Cleanliness Campaign. The historically sacred significance of the river and its banks added to the sense of fulfillment for all who participated. 

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