Computer Lab

Computer Lab

Rajarshi School of Management and Technology, RSMT, is a Wi-Fi powered campus. Its students are provided with sophisticated, well equipped, fully air-conditioned, state of the art computer laboratories with more than 150 HP Core i5  Intel based processors, a spacious server room and 4 large labs. Students are trained in various programming languages such as C++, Java, .Net under expert technical guidance of RSMT faculty. Classroom training is enriched through hands-on experience on equipment such as networking accessories and computer hardware. L.E.D. projectors are used by both students and faculty for presentation of projects and group discussions.

The Computer Centre has state-of-the-art computing facilities that are available to Students, Faculty and Departments. It includes branded PCs/Laptops with SUN, IBM, DELL and HP servers connected through Ethernet LAN. All these nodes have access to the Internet through a 100 MBPS dedicated leased line on Fibre optics. Facilities for printing through high speed Mono Laser Jet Network printers and Scanning are available.

Application software like IBM SPSS, MS-Project, Oracle, SQL Server, Visual Studio etc. are extensively used.

Entire network is protected with Antivirus, Anti-Spam and Bandwidth Management and multiple gateways with Auto Fail-over feature. All the nodes are secured from virus, spyware/malware Protection, centrally monitored.

Entire campus is fully Wi-Fi enabled with Smart Wi-Fi access points with more than 50 Access Points.

Each student is allotted a mail-id besides Faculty and staff members. The Active Directory and web server are hosted in the computer centre itself. Facilities for printing through high speed Mono Laser Jet Network printers and Scanning are available. The institute will be implementing its Campus Management System shortly.

All the faculty & staff have their mail-ids on domain.

Faculty-students interaction is done through e-learning/e-working software. Labs are available with all the latest software's & technology with Multimedia Facilities.
Distinguishing features

  • The college has internet connectivity through BSNL HTTH optical fiber connection.
  • Unlimited internet access switch of 10 MBPS broadband connection.
  • Multiple operating system facility like Windows XP / Windows 7.
  • All software is installed as per university norms.
  • Multimedia computing facility.
  • Online uninterrupted UPS.
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